Track Results.

Follow Your Audience.

Make it Relevant.


This is Hive

Hive redefines out-of-home content. It provides the hardware and software platform to drive a new kind of campaign. Hive brings more efficiency and effective delivery to outdoor displays.

More Clients

Specific and targeted campaigns mean local advertisers (like cafes and boutiques) as well as big brands can afford to be outdoors. Its the opportunity for every business to break into outdoor.

More Campaigns

Whether by place, time, or another factor, making campaigns specific means more campaigns shown on one display and easy content management means efficient use of the space available.

More Revenue

Better targeted campaigns mean higher ROI for advertisers and networks. Both sides come out ahead with Hive.

How it Works.

Hive is a network of displays working together to make your campaigns better. It makes creating, deploying and measuring every campaign easy.


• Dedicated hardware and software

• Designed from the ground up to work seamlessly

• Custom “Honeycomb” devices allow display interaction

• Increased efficiency = new revenue


• Choose who sees your advertising

• Control of time and location parameters

• Live and instant updates to content and campaigns

• Access anywhere, at anytime

• Improved ROI and better use of ad spend


• More than media

• Live analytics and data

• Comparable numbers and statistics

• Better targeted campaigns

• Automated content management

Hive Options

There is a Hive solution for any application - moving or fixed, a single display to a whole network. Get in touch to find out how we can make Hive work for you.

Create Buzz

- Advertise on Hive
- Target your campaigns
- Maximise return
- Track your success

Build a Hive

- Create a Hive network
- Affordable and efficient
- Easy to manage
- Complete control of your system

Join a Hive

- Use your space to make money
- No hardware outlay
- Managed Solutions
- Transit and Fixed Displays

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